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taree is situated in the mid north coast of new south wales. It has breathtaking garbage dumps and cow slaughter centres. Taree attracts people from all around

the world...including New York and Tokyo, as it is very cheap because when you go, you may not need a return ticket. In downtown taree, you will see a variety of stores including Mitchell's Rock Music Shack, Andrew's Cleaning School, and Paulini's Aboriginal Restaraunt.....with grubs as specials, mmm, crispy on the outside, nice and juicy on the inside! At the local high school, Taree High School, many classes are available for the Tareean teenager inculding, Mathematics (now teaching addition and subtraction), English (now teaching the alphabet), Languages other than english (now teaching aboriginal), Geography (teachign about the great landmarks of taree [ie, the big digeridoo], Science (now permitted by the NSW Department of Education to use fire), and Careers (now teaching the expertees of plumbing, cleanign and garbage collection). As u can see there is a variety of classes to choose from. The local library has a totoal of 3 books, (new one donated few weeks ago). These books are: Mary's Guide to finding Sydney, Mitchell's Cooking Book and the Dictionary (missing). Fays Twin Towers is the outstanding towers in Taree that rises 3metres. It is a cinema that is now showing....Spice Girls - The Movie. I hope this information has encouraged u to visit taree...the city of druggos. Bye :)

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