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7 lanes or 6


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Spartanburg is in the process of widening the 5 lane John B While Sr. Blvd to 7 lanes (3 in each direction and a turning lane). However, recently a proposal was made to put a raised median in the center instead of the turning lane (with turning lanes only at intersections and other key crossing points). They say that without a median, it will look like Asheville Hwy, and with it would look like N Pine St or WO Ezell Blvd.

For Columbians the best refernce I can come up with is Assembly (with a large median instead of parking, vs the one way sections of Taylor or Hampton (except two ways).

Greenvillians- Wade Hampton vs [insert road here]. I dont know of any road in Greenville that has a median like that other than the interstates. If there are, let me know!

Charlestonians- Rivers Ave or how Ashley Phosphate will look vs John Dodds Blvd. without the frontage roads)

Which would you prefer to see? Obviously the median would be more attractive and increase traffic flow (which is expected to early double in the next 20 years). The major down side is that it would interfere with crossing the road into certain businsses. And this is where the only opposition seems to be. They are willing to hear it out- they just don't want to loose any business off of it.

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