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Construction in Ann Arbor, MI


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The following photos are of a few of the construction projects going up around the University of Michigan. More updates may be added later.


The Palmer Complex, home to the Life Sciences Institute is now 95% complete. The site was formerly a parking lot.


A blurry closeup


Palmer Athletic Field has undergone a few minor renovations as well, with added sidewalks and a new tennis court configuration. It's about time, that place was looking like a dump.


Biomedical Sciences building, showing the East Wing. U of M students have already begun to refer to that odd 1 story structure as "the bubble." Although no one is really sure as to what it is going to be. This site was formerly home to the ugly and outdated 2 story Neurosciences building, and a large surface parking lot.


West Tower


A view through the Palmer Complex


The building sits on top of a 4 level underground parking structure. You can see the old underground Fletcher Structure at the end of the street.


The newer addition to the power plant, and the Biomedical Sciences Labs in the background.


The new landscaping behind the LSI campus and old North Hall, home to the ROTC. Is it my poor photography or is that building leaning? Actually, it IS leaning. During construction, too much dirt was removed and the building began to sink backwards. Eventually, the back end broke away from the rest of the structure. You can see the repaired seem above the windows. Hydraulic jacks were used to push the building back into place.


Possibly new construction will come to this area. There was already a "Coming Soon" sign for new housing on the chainlink fence surrounding the burned out property. Not even fires can slow growth in A2. The house to the left will be rehabilitated.


Workers have been digging for the new foundation of the Academic Center. The site was formerly a parking lot serving the athletic facilities.


Another shot

More To Come Soon!

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