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Mt Juliet's 'Providence' town center for rail


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The East Nashville suburb of Mt Juliet - a no downtown sprawlville - has created a master plan to create a downtown now that the commuter rail project has a go and Mt Juliet will be one of the main stops. Basically they are creating a less centrally planned quasi new-urbanist community.

Its not a new urbanist village per se, but rather a planned project leased out to two different companies to create both a housing and "marketplace" component.

Providence officially broke ground June 2, 2004. You can find more information from the three PDF files linked below:




As I said before, there are two components to this project. There is a 3,200 unit housing development that includes both townhomes and single detached family housing. This is being created by a Brentwood, TN company. There is also something called Providence Marketplace which is being created by a firm from Charlotte, NC and is going to include Belk as one of the stores. It is not a mall, but in a car-friendly town center format. Not sure how this is going to work out, but here are a few clips and maps of the plan.




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It would seem to me there are a lot of good ideas floating around the Nashville area, but there is not a cohesive plan to tie it all together.  From one who doesn't live there, I think Nashville could use a regional planning authority that would help to do this.


Ever heard of Cumberland Region Tomorrow? Nashville actually has several cooperating programs that operate throughout the region and tackle problems like sprawl, transportation, and pollution on a regional level. This usually includes the CMSA and Clarksville.

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