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Starting today, Greenlink will begin a phased plan to extend the service hours for its fixed routes – 502, 503, 504, and 507. These routes will now operate Mon.-Fri. from 5:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Previ

$2.5 million for the GreenLink bus system in 2020 and $2 million in 2021. The public bus system had received just under $500,000 a year from the county in recent years. The county's proposed increases

Saw the Greenlink Proterra bus driving down I-385 today. 

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So even if its never used again, they have to have a bridge, just 'in case' they want to keep the land? Weird, but understandable.

Yes, I know it sounds weird but thats the way it works.

Its just like the northern line from Greenville to T.R.,It is Rail Banked, and designated an [ interim

rail trail,] So what this means, is in the future if someone has the money, and wants to put the

line back in service as [light rail or freight ] It will just be a matter of replacing rails and crossings.

The difference between the northern line and the southern line is that most of this line is still

in daily use by Carolina Piedmont R.R., with its northern termination at the G.E plant off of

Woodruff rd.

To make my point the line could someday be used for light rail, but if Carolina Piedmont

ended up with a new customer, say --in ICAR or on Industrial Drive it could also be returned

to freight service.

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Its really a combination of all three to an extent, gman. I've been pushing blame on the City and County for not cooperating with each other for the greater good of Greenville, but you can't ignore McDonald Transit's role in it. I still maintain that its the governments fault for not allocating adequate funding for transit. There may have been mistakes on MT's part, but they are nothing compared to those of Greenville City and (mostly) Greenville County government.

It seems to me that Greenville City is more willing to put money up for GTA, but they don't want to go it alone. Thats just my observation though.

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BRT is a positive step forward, but as Charlotte showed us, if you can get a stable source of transit funding, you can do a lot more cool things. Its imperative that Greenville get GTA busses running at full steam and expand that system before they sink any money into BRT.

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This is GREAT news, and a much needed addition to Greenville. If all of these new developments along I-85 are to be truly successful, a transit system such as this will be vital. I am very encouraged by the collaboration taking place between the City and County councils. It is as much of a positive step as any we've seen in years, in my opinion. :shades:

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I think this sounds great! It is a logical predecessor to light rail. And think about it: it will cause people to get in the habit of parking/walking to a station, boarding, and riding along a rail line to their destination. This is exactly like light rail, except we are using sleek-looking high-speed buses (that look much like trains) instead of trains. I don't see any weakness in this plan, guys. :thumbsup:

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