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UVA project at Winston-Salem Millennium Center

Danny 4 Peace

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In Winston-Salem there are 115,930 registered voters as of 9-7-04.

62,325 Democrats

34,611 Republicans

18,770 Unaffialiated

224 Libertarians

It looks like a lot of people in Winston-Salem will vote for Kerry and Edwards. Our city is one of the most liberal in the state and it is due to all the artist types and high miniority population that lives here. You can see the yard signs for Kerry everywhere and we have anti-Bush protest groups headquarted here and the citizens of this city are very anti-Bush. Our mayor and all of our city offices are held by Democrats except for two.

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This is Winston-Salem.


I've heard from people who have left Winston-Salem because its so liberal and its only getting more liberal. You're talking to a gay liberal downtown Winston-Salem artist forumer who lives with another liberal gay artist in the heart of downtown. Everyone I talk to in my downtown Holly Avenue neighborhood is voting for Kerry.

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I'm a democrat, an artist and a downtown Winston-Salem resident. I vote straight ticket democrat. Everyone who reps Winston-Salem on all the forums is a democrat. Winston-Salem is the only city in NC where everyone on the forums repping it is voting for Kerry. The high number of Democrats in this city doesn't surprise me. This city's high number of liberals and artists was one of the reasons I moved here last year and one of the reasons I love this place so much.

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