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anybody ever try to do this?


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There was a poor village in Thailand or somewhere in Southeast Asia and there was no power grid there or power lines its so remote, so the village hooked up generators to treadmills and stationary bikes to energize the computers that way they are a "wired" village.

I think if we stopped the maddness with the military-industrial-energy companies (oil, nuclear, coal etc.) and learned to live off what we make everybody would be better, and we wouldnt have to go to Iraq. Just my 2 cents. ;-)

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Winston-Salem's fifth tallest building was designed as a green building and the nation's first smart building with large computers in the basement. I read the insurance company did this because of the energy crisis of the 1970's. It was featured in a building and property management magazine not long after it was built. Very cool design and I cant help but wonder why all buildings aren't designed that way today. It looks different from every angle. The back is solid glass and the front has windows tilted at an angle. The sides have very narrow windows. Its still a conversation piece on our skyline today!

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