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9/11 conspiracy

Fruit Cove

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Yeah i saw the movie. It really made me think. Plus the music and editting were awesome. But, isn't there pictures of a 747 tail? The movie had really great supporting evidence in it also. I think it could be the truth and then in a way i think that maybe there could have been a missile and a plane that came threw. First the missile could have came threw and then a plane after creating the 747 tail and wreckage? I could be wrong. But who really knows what went on there??

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I have heard the talk of a missile before, and I can't really argue much against it. The only thing about that movie is that it used some stretches- like comparing the plane to the missil- he showed the plane relatively close, and the pilexated missile from the pentagon clip. Also, when the planes full of fuel hit the WTC, they decenigrated. Also, have you ever see then pentagon? That is by far one of the largest buildings you will ever see. A plane hitting it might very well look like that.

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There has never been an independent inquiry in the events of 9/11

The first line on that site is factually inaccurate, I decided not to read beyond that. It's called the 9/11 Commission, their report is available at most major bookstores.

There are plenty of sites out there where people are eager to discuss September 11th conspiracy theories. This is not one of them.

The facts are that thousands of people witnessed what occurred Septemeber 11th and thousands of people are dead as a result of those events.


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