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Post larger versions of pics of your current avatars here. If you have older avatars that changed, post some old pics of those too. Describe them and why you chose them.


Mine is of BART. Thus my username here (aka GetOnDaTrain of SSC), I have an interest in rapid transit systems in the country, from heavy to light to vintage streetcars.

My larger version:


Technically, my avatar was created off a thumbnail pic for spacing in my profile.


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I have no interesting Avatar, but I recently went to a convention in Providence. I really liked the town, especially the skyline, although it was a bit curious to me that none of the streets in downtown had any lines on them. I spent most of my time around Brown University (On Thayer St., really) and around the convention center/Westin hotel/mall. Also some time at Blake's. (Quite a nice pub, actually.)

All in all, Providence is a great town. I envy Cotuit for living there. :)

However, whatever the square white building is, I think it is an eyesore to an otherwise beautiful skyline.

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However, whatever the square white building is, I think it is an eyesore to an otherwise beautiful skyline.

The Hospital Trust Tower?


I love that building. There's a ring of lights on top at night that I can see from my living room. When the lights go out, it's time for bed. :)

Lines on the street?! :blink: Never heard of such a thing!

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Yes! The hospital trust tower. I just thought it looked out of place, a more modern structure in the middle of a bunch of older buildings. The impression is heightened if you look at it from the river walk. The lights at night are a cool effect though. I don't remember them going off ... and I walked from the Convention Center to Brown at 3 a.m. Apparently they do though. :)

Maybe those of us in the south are too dumb to drive on streets without lines... they usually paint them in bright white so we can see them. It was fun driving from the airport to the convention center and then realizing there were no lines on the roads. We kept trying to figure out if the lane was a turn only or a no left turn... it was fun. I mean funny.

Providence is still an awesom town.

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My avatar is the Guardian Building in downtown Detroit.



Previously I have had (in reverse order):

- Woodward Avenue Sign (M-1)

- David Stott Building

- Downtown Detroit Slideshow

- Hudson's Building 5 year implosion anniversary

- Detroit Opera House Sign

- L.A. City Hall

- Los Angeles Skyline

- Atlanta Skyline

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I don't have image hosting so I used one of the avatars that UP offers.

Actually, you don't need image hosting to have an avatar. "Your avatar must be no bigger than 64 pixels by 64 pixels in size. Uploaded avatars from your computer must be no larger than 8 KB." You can upload it from "My Controls."

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