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Urban Antennas


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Does your city have 1009ft plus anteena towers? Does anybody have any photos of some of these towers? I think they are mostly in midwestern and southern cities, due to lack of moutains or highly elevated ground. KC has dozens and dozens of these 1000 sometimes 1500ft plus anteena towers throughout the urbancore and suburbs, except DownTown and MidTown,because the anteenas are on the skyscrapers. These are in fact some of the tallest structures on earth. But they do not qualify for the tallest freestanding structures on earth because they are secured with taught cable wire...

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One intersting fact about Columbia is that the city recently passed an ordinace to make towers (specifically cellphone towers) blend in. The other day Verizon put one on top of one of hte apartment buildings downtown. There arlso some others on top of a parking garage.

Columbia has some seriously tall antenna towers in the suburbs, but I don't think any are over 1000ft. It does have one ver obnoxious TV tower in the skyline though:


You can see it above one of the buildings to the left.

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I am looking at one outside right now. I'm not sure how tall it is, but it is huge! They broadcast several TV stations from it although the only two I can think of are CBC & HGTV There is also one down at 9 Mile and Evergreen, but I have no idea what they broadcast from there. I think Fox and several other stations. I guess I need to do some research....

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It's not just midwestern and southern cities that have antennas.

Here's San Francisco's Sutro Tower:

At 981', it's the tallest structure in the Bay Area, trumping the Transamerica Pyramid (853') by 128'. And since it sits atop Mt. Sutro, its tip reaches 1,815' above sea level.


In fact, it's so tall, it sticks out of the fog during the summer months...


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