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Hill District Sunset in AA


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More Ann Arbor shots.

I was just about to sit down and get some studying done for college, when I took a good look out my window and saw an awesome sunset. My first shot, the one below, convinced me I had to go out and take some photos. Just ONE NOTE before you go on, some of these may be really dark if you have a CRT (box) monitor. My LCD screen seems to deceive me in making them brighter. So if they are too dark, I apologize ahead of time.


Outside my dorm room window


Outside my other dorm room window facing Palmer Field


A shot of Mosher-Jordan and Stockwell Residence Halls


Rampway to completed Palmer Commons


Soon the "wave wall" will be reflecting the sunset on the Biomedical Sciences Building.


Couzens Hall


The last soccer game of the evening.


Lloyd Hall reflects the setting sun.



Again, the brand new Palmer Complex


Central Power Plant's smokestack.


Again, the MoJo Res. Hall.


New glass.


Palmer Park Tennis courts are almost done.


A closeup of Stockwell.


Mosaic Mural outside the dining hall.


More of MoJo. The crane in the background is part of the new School of Public Health additions and renovations.


A final shot of the Palmer Complex walkway.


Side of the BioMed Building.


Back of the BioMed Building.


Glenn St. Side.


Life Sciences Undergraduate Library is the last building to be finished on the Palmer Complex.


Here is an old photo of a sunset I took last winter.

Hope you enjoyed :D

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Very nice shots!

By coincidence, Wolverine lives in the same building as I, two floors up. I'll have to stop by tomorrow!

This is a shot of that very same sunset from the roof of the 4th Ave. and William St. parking structure. A beautiful day for photography, as evidence by the dozen or so photographers I saw walking around downtown. I wasn't even the only one on the parking deck, either.


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Woah, this is crazy. It's like everyone was out taking pictures. Allan is coming to town tomorrow as well. It's nice to meet another CZ resident! BTW, I won't be back until 1:00, but I won't leave for class till 10:00.

EDIT: Dude, I think you must be right below me. I had my laundry washing on your floor, and when I walked back to my stairwell, I saw the name Aaron on one of the doors. Do you guys have the Jurassic park name tags?

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