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Detroit at Night

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I was bored tonight, and since I don't have classes tomorrow, I can stay out late. I wound up in downtown Detroit just as the sun was setting. Later on, I headed over to Belle Isle to take some skyline shots. I have next to nothing in the way of night time photography experience, so I definately learned quite a bit. I ended up taking well over 300 photos, so I am only posting a few here.

Penobscot Building


Buhl Building




Marquette Building


I have no idea what this building's name is, but it appears to be an old bank.



150 W. Jefferson


Ford Building


The many colors of Scott Fountain (Belle Isle)






And finally, the skyline











The End. :)

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I love the 3rd and last ones. Nice pic of the skyline at night! I could never do that with my camera. I also like the 3rd one. The color is really brought out in those buildings. Nice job at catching the red ball flashing!

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Thanks. It's always nice to see how many pics I can take of the same thing. LOL. Because I don't have a tripod, taking those shots was very difficult. I stumbled around in the dark trying to find picnic tables and other stable objects that I could use as a tripod. It's not very light there at night! Only certain areas are well lit. The others are pitch black, since the city doesn't know how to fix streetlights.

One Woodward Avenue looks quite interesting at night. I would've tried to grab a photo, but I had no idea where to park close by, and walking around alone in the city at night isn't exactly the smartest thing to do. I took Woodward all the way home, since I didn't feel like driving on the Lodge. It was nice for a change of scenery.

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Great pics! RenCen certainly dominates the skyline.


The Ren Cen especially dominates from that particular angle. I don't know of many good places to take skyline shots yet. I guess I have to do a bit of investigating. The skyline is best viewed from the north, but you really need to be on a roof or something to really be able to see the whole skyline...unless I can find some sort of parking ramp to go up in to take pics.

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I'm trying. I took 250 photos of Detroit on Saturday, and another 200 in Ann Arbor on Friday. I've got enough good photos to do a pic of the day for the next year. I don't really have a reliable photo host right now though, so it might be a while before I can bombard the forum with the D.

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