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A couple of London pictures


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Nice pics. I especially like the first one. The second one is nice, but it is a couple years old, since 30 St Mary Axe isn't under construction yet.

I just now looked on emporis.com, and there will be a major transformation of the London skyline over the next decade. They have tons of proposed an approved towers! I guess maybe I should pay more attention to what's happening on the other side of the pond.

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the first thing that came in my mind after seeing the first pic was i downloaded Vlakhaas Swiss HQ thingy... hey there it is! now i wana say he did an amazing job cept the color, and that it looks great in real life!

i cant beleive i havent thot about it: London shud have a downtown of some sort! well here are some well provided picks :thumbsup: - thank you for "reminding" me. cant beleive i knever thot about London's skyline, and im in Europe! how stupid of me :lol::P

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