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Downtown/CBD/Central off. space - selected cities

G W North

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In millions of square feet



Midtown: 247.5

Midtown South: 98.1

Downtown: 91.2

Total central area: 436.8


Central Loop: 25.7

Total central area: 134.2

San Francisco:

Financial District: 48.9

Downtown total: 79.6


Downtown: 59.6

Midtown: 17.8

Total central area: 77.4


CBD: 49.6


CBD: 42.8

Los Angeles:

"Central Los Angeles: 42.2

Washington, D.C.:

CBD: 37.1


CBD: 21.4

"Periphery": 15.4

Total Greater Downtown: 36.8


Financial District: 33.4


CBD: 33.0


(entire city proper): 32.6


CBD: 24.1

Broadway Corridor: 6.1

Total central area: 30.2


CBD: 28.9


CBD: 26.1


Downtown: 21.4


CBD: 20.3


"Central Area": 20.0


CBD: 14.3


Downtown: 14.0


Downtown/Midtown combined: 11.5


CBD: 10.5

San Diego:

Downtown: 9.2


CBD: 7.9

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It'd help if you provided links to the information you use as a reference.


Based on this, here's Florida's "Downtown" and suburban office space in millions

City - Downtown - Suburban = Total

Miami -- 8.87 - 62.46 = 71.33

Tampa Bay - 7.85 - 59.94 = 67.79

Orlando - 8.18 - 40.23 = 48.31

Ft. Lauderdale - 7.06 - 39.25 = 46.31

West Palm - 9.24 - 29.31 = 38.55

Jacksonville - 11.74 - 21.02 = 32.76

I'm not sure if Miami's "downtown" includes Brickell as it's technically not part of the CBD.

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The strange thing is we both used the same company as a source but some of the numbers are very different.

It's also strange that a metro of 3 million like San Diego would have so little office space downtown. Although Florida's downtowns also appear to have very little office space. I would have guessed Miami at at least 20 million considering it's population base.

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It'd help if you provided links to the information you use as a reference.



Hmph :angry: That document lists Hartford but not Providence, we're bigger than Hartford!

I wouldn't be at all surprised though to find that Hartford has more office space than us.

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Choosing only the financial district of Boston is very limiting. The tallest office buildings in the city are in the Back Bay which is contigous with the financial district as are several other office areas.

According to Oncor International Boston has 56.5 million sq ft of office space and Cambridge has another 18 million.

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Colliers is not ver accurate for KC... We have 19,000,000 square feet downtown and a vacancy rate of about 17%

Actually, they may only be counting our CBD and not our whole downtown area...

If it is only our CBD then KC probably does have 10,000,000 sq. ft. in that little 6x6 block area (rough estimate)

In just our CBD we will add 1,600,000+ sq. ft...

The following is stats for our whole downtown...

Also, we have over 1,000,000 square feet u/c right now. In fact, that number is probably closer to 3 million square feet.

We have H&R Block=500,000 sq. ft.

IRS HQ=1,000,000+ sq. ft.

Federal Reserve (not yet u/c)=600,000 sq. ft.

Tower Properties (i can't remember if its u/c or still waiting for approval)= 1,000,000 sq. ft.

So in fact, KC will have well over 22,500,000 square feet in 2007.

Some other projects that are either minor or still proposed in downtown...

HOK Sports Venue u/c= 95,000 sq. ft.

1034 Main proposed/on hold=600,000 sq. ft.

Riverfront Redevelopment proposed/planning=1,000,000 sq. ft.

River Market East u/c=50,000 sq. ft.

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In Miami's case, I believe the Brickell Financial District, just south of the CBD has more office space than downtown.

As far as the State of Florida goes the Westshore District in Tampa is the largest office district in the state.

These numbers also appear to suggest that Jacksonville's CBD office space is right where it needs to be, compared to cities (metros) its size.

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These statistics are almost entirely meaningless. The entent of the downtowns, midtowns or other divisions are not specified, and this certainly does not follow enumeration units as defined by the census. While these numbers are interesting in conversation, see Joel Gerauro's "Edge City" and "Edgeless City" for data regarding how non-CBD locations have far more ft of office space than the CBD's from which they sprung.


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Quoting from my thread in the KC section:

Currently 2,816,807 square feet of office space is under construction downtown.

Earlier this year, a study showed KC at 19,391,061 sq. ft.

With the current construction, in 2007 KC will reach over 22,257,868 sq. ft. of office space downtown.

But we still have other projects proposed like 1034 Main, the Riverfront Redevelopment etc... Plus projects that are second phases like H&R Block's 2nd tower (will be shorter and will be u/c after 2007 sometime)

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Being that the linked info is from obviously a trade publication, I would say that they are anything but meaningless. This is obviously how real estate/development industry people define the cbd's, so what's the issue. I'll take this over a Chamber/CVB definition that inflates statistics that it finds useful.

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