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What's up with Plaza-Midwood


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Went into Plaza-Midwood yesterday to check out some shops and saw that a lot of these stores are closing. It seemed like this neighborhood was doing so well. I hope nothing bad is going on. It looked like Urban Evolution and Fresh Produce were closing, both the White Rabbit and LBTG center had a big Available sign on them, The Perch has been gone for a while. It also looked like there were several new shops in the area and that the area had grown since I was last there which leads me to believe that business can't all be that bad. Is re-development causing all of this? Will these stores return to the neighborhood, the city, or are they just goners and if so does anyone know why?

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Not sure about Fresh Produce....but Urban Evolution is not closing...they are renovating...will reopen in a month or so. They are also changing their name as they don't want to be associated with the chain Urban Outfitters at Southpark Mall.

As for White Rabbit and LGBT Center...they are not moving or closing...rather there is some space the LGBT Center would like to sublease...hence the Available sign.

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Okay, glad to hear it. I was taking some friends around the city last night to show them some of the cool places around the center city to hang out in and when we got there I was a little taken aback by all of the signs I saw. It's good to hear about Urban Evolution and the LBTG center. Fresh Produce wasn't all that great but it was nice having it there. I feel better now.

I thought it was odd to see a bunch of stuff shutting down just as the city was about to come in with neighborhood improvements. I worried that may have had something to do with it.

Speaking of which, what is the city doing in that area exactly? I know of the sidewalk improvments, lamp post, and the proposed streetcar. What are your guy's thoughts on what could be done to further improve this neighborhood?

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