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Kmart eyes Grand Rapids for new home


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Kmart eyes Grand Rapids for new home

Thursday, September 23, 2004

By Chris Knape

The Grand Rapids Press

Rebounding retail giant Kmart is eyeing Grand Rapids for its new home base, The Press has learned.

The company, famous for its financial struggles as much as its Blue Light Specials in recent years, has asked state officials to come up with possible locations as it considers plans to vacate and sell its sprawling, but increasingly empty, campus in Troy.

If it made the move, the publicly traded company would be, by far, the largest corporation based here.


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:) From what I've heard KMart will be moving to Chicago in the next two years. It would have been nice but it wasn't meant to be I guess. :)

Wow, this could be great. If this ever goes through, I hope they wont choose a suburban location.

edit: didnt notice this was an old post. My bookmark changed and was showing old posts, sorry  :blush:


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