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New Rock 'n' Roll McDonald's


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I've passed this McDonalds a few times without paying nuch attention to it. I will certainly notice it with the new design though...it looks so much better! I still won't eat there though. LOL.

I'm posting the pics in the thread so others can see without clicking the link.


This destination will replace the

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Used to eat across the street a lot at the Rainforest Cafe from that McDonalds above. It has a lot of Elvis stuff in there, LOL! I never cared too much for McDonalds, but it's a bit weird seeing it, the Walgreens and the gas station all right there in the middle of downtown. On a side note, just a block away is Excalibur...a gothic nightclub where ghosts apparently peruse the joint. :w00t:

I am glady to see that McDonalds is getting refurbed though...it was a little out of date IMO.

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