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Sixflags Great Adv.=Worlds Tallest Fastest!


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Sixflags Great Adventure in New Jersey will soon have the Worlds Tallest Fastest Roller Coaster! That means we will beat Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster, which by the way is 420 ft and takes riders 120mph. :lol: I'm so excited for the 2005 season for Sixflags! :P

Additional information will be on sept. 29 this upcoming weds on Sixflags.com and Gadv.com Great Adventure source and gadvcentral.com also on that day!

The actual height, lengh and name will not be realeased until weds sept 29. But your offical info will be on sixflags.com/greatadventure. :)

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2005 Sixflags Great Adventure OFFICIAL Press Release!... Here we go...

Six Flags Great Adventure will launch the tallest, fastest roller coaster on earth and new jungle domain with tiger exhibit for 2005

New Additions Represent Largest Expansion in Park

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