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Commuter rail plan is studied


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Commuter rail plan is studied

Trains to use Amtrak rails, travel from Ann Arbor to Detroit

By Joel Kurth / The Detroit News

At least nine plans to bolster mass transit in Metro Detroit have died in the past 50 years. Undeterred, advocates are quietly drawing up plan No. 10.

With little fanfare, government officials have begun a $3 million feasibility study into a commuter train from Ann Arbor to downtown Detroit, with possible stops in Ypsilanti, at Detroit Metropolitan Airport and in Dearborn.

The trains would run on existing Amtrak rails, cost $60 million and begin the 85-mile loop by 2008. Those are best-case estimates. If the history of Metro Detroit transit proves anything, though, it

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Kind of funny how easy it seams when LBP isn't involved! Who know if this will ever happen, but the thought of something going through Oakland county would have gotten shot down as soon as the idea was brought up.

I'm really surprised at why it costs $3 million to do the feasibility study. Looks like I'm in the wrong field. We should start a consulting firm! LOL!

What is the 85 mile loop they are taking about?

It's too bad some of this couldn't be implemented prior to the All Star Game and Super Bowl for all the people coming in from out of town. I like the idea of starting using existing rail lines, but can't see why it will still cost that much.

Also, does anyone know where this will stop in downtown? I know there is a train station in New Center, but I don't know of any other rail closer to downtown. This would be a good stop on the woodward people mover line coming in 2163.

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I believe that this 85 mile loop the article speaks of includes the planned restart of the Detroit-Pontiac commuter rail line. I'm not sure though.

This will not stop in downtown. It will only go to the train station at New Center. That is why it is so crucial to get the light rail built from New Center to downtown...like that would ever happen!!

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