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It's amazing how fast cities have grown over the last 150 years... KC has grew from a couple hundred people in 1846 to 2.1 million in 160 years.

I like looking at old cemeteries, the oldest cemetery I've ever been to was the Pitcher Cemetery in KCMO, it was established in 1803 even before it was part of the USA I believe. One guy buried there is a revolutionary war vet, he fought with the N.C militia. He died in 1803...

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Well, you can't say from a couple hundred to 2.1 million...

KC itself is not 2.1 million, our CSA is, and if you included the population of our current area (for the CSA) and found the total population back in the 1850s... The area would probably be somewhere near (well below) 150,000... But that is a very very uneducated guess...

KC has grown from 500 in 1840 to 3,000 in 1850... And now we are on our way to having 500,000 people... (for the 2nd time)

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