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SC Job Growth


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At least SC's job market it growing...albeit very slowly. I doubt Michigan's is growing at all. I swear, for every new job they create here, two leave. Now Kmart may move its headquarters to Atlanta. We're in serious trouble up here. We can't even retain the jobs we have, let alone create new ones!

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Last year, I was given the daunting task of developing a mock plan that would bring K-mart out of bankrupcy and create a fresh image to attract shoppers once again. My plan didn't include moving the company South. After pondering this one for a while, I can understand where the company executives are coming from. The Southern U.S. is a hotbed of growth and, especially in this particular region, the market is primed with the kind of employees many of these companies are looking for (many are transplants from the North).

I do agree that traffic in Atlanta is way beyond reasonable. :wacko:

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