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Nation's BEST arena now has a design!!!


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much better than the first rendering. although this is not the final design, it will probably be tweeked a little, but not much...


Interesting that a city without NHL or NBA is getting such a fancy arena.

Good to know that it was designed by Toronto's own Frank Gehry though ;)

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Good to know that it was designed by Toronto's own Frank Gehry though

You didn't read my first post very well, HOK, Ellerbe Beckett, 360 Architecture BEAT Frank Gehry for the design...

Also, we are going to get either NHL or NBA with this arena... Most likely NBA... We have 3 possible NBA teams, Orlando Magic, Sacramento Kings, and New Orleans Hornets... And one possible NHL team, the Mighty Ducks... (however with the current NHL situation, we will probably get NBA)

sonfire, how is this crap? Or were you referring to something else?

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FLA, BOTH the Orlando Magic and Sacramento Kings are looking at KC to relocate, both franchises are wanting a new arena, and neither city is delivering...

You have no right to tell us that we won't get anything... You don't live here, and so you don't know jack about Kansas City or our development... So I suggest you keep quiet...

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You have no right to tell us that we won't get anything... You don't live here, and so you don't know jack about Kansas City or our development... So I suggest you keep quiet...


FLA is entitled to his opinion, whether he lives in the city or not. I don't live in Detroit. Does that mean that I know nothing about Detroit or its development? Heck, when I first started repping Detroit on this forum, I had not been inside the city limits in more than ten years!

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last i checked though, orlando does have an nba team. and i highly doubt theyre seriously thinking about relocating to Kansas City? and to get pissed off over comments like that is ridiculous. people have the same rights to the kc thread as you. so id stop your childish slanders. :whistling:

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You have no right to tell us that we won't get anything... You don't live here, and so you don't know jack about Kansas City or our development... So I suggest you keep quiet...
That was just plain rediculous and completely ignorant to say. You suggest I keep quiet? :rofl: I'm dying of laughter over here. I'm an Orlandoan and dedicated, knowledgable NBA fan, Mr. Thinks-he-knows-it-all. I don't need to live in Kansas to know about my own damn sports team. I suggest you think before you speak. The Magic want a new arena, but they have never mentioned relocation themselves. Never. Citing something our crappy newspaper said is meaningless. We locals refer to it as the Orlando Slantinel for a reason. Actually check your facts before getting confrontational next time. Will you get a sports team? Maybe. Simply assuming it's a foregone conclusion is the funniest thing I've ever heard. You sure as hell aren't getting the Magic. ;) And Sacramento has one of the best attendances in the league, so you can stop chasing that pipe dream as well.

F-L-A, Are you retarded? Stop! Everyone see's your ignorance shinning through.

Look whose talking. I'm not going to get into this with you, but I will give you some advice. Work on your conversational skills - then come back. :thumbsup:

Just going by this thread, Kansas sounds like such a lovely, friendly state. I'll remember to bring a bullet proof vest if I ever go there. Hell, I'll even bring a pitchfork proof vest just in case.

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FLA, do you know how stupid you are being? KANSAS CITY IS NOT IN KANSAS! Get that first thing through your thick head!

Also, AEG HAS been talking to both the Kings AND the Magic...

Kansas City is a much more attractive location than Orlando... Sure Orlando has a nice warm enviornment but still, you don't need a nice enviornment for an arena...

Our arena will have the National Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame, it will also hold at least 5-6 other minor league teams...

Another thing... I'm sure you already know (with your "knowledge" of NBA) that the Kings WERE formally IN Kansas City...

We have more people than Sacramento, plus attendance will be up...

Kansas City covets Magic for shiny, new arena

Aug 15, 2004

Mike Bianchi



This probably isn't what you want to hear after sloshing through the neighborhood in search of your windblown, woebegone gas grill and while still waiting for the crew to show up to get the oak tree out of your dining room, but prepare yourself:

The Magic might be moving to Kansas City.

Or at least that's what Kansas City hopes.

We have what Kansas City wants most (an NBA team), and Kansas City soon will have what the Magic want most -- a new state-of-the-art arena with all the money-making luxury suites and amenities that come with it.

"Why wouldn't we be interested in the Magic?" Kansas City Mayor Kay Barnes told me earlier this week. "We're interested in a courtship with any team who's interested in us. We need an anchor tenant for our new building."

That new building -- a 20,000-seat, $250 million beauty that will be the centerpiece of a new downtown entertainment and convention district -- just was approved by the voters of Kansas City. It is scheduled to open in 2007 and already has a corporate title sponsor and, thus, a name: The Sprint Center.

Everything is in place except the team; and the Magic are the perfect candidate -- or shall we say the imperfect one. In Orlando, the team is on shaky financial ground and has been rebuked by civic leaders in its attempt to get a new arena. After last season's miserable finish, the Magic's season ticket base has plunged to a paltry 6,000 -- miniscule by league standards.

NBA Commissioner David Stern always has maintained he wants the Magic to remain in Orlando, but it's obvious, based on recent comments, Stern won't stand in the way if a team receives a better financial deal elsewhere.

"You never know," Stern told the Kansas City Star. "Three years ago, we had teams in Vancouver and Charlotte, [N.C.], and now we have them in New Orleans and Memphis [Tenn.]. I've learned not to say never. Kansas City obviously is a larger market than some of our existing markets, and it has demonstrated to be a good sports market."

Magic General Manager John Weisbrod says the team has no comment on Kansas City's interest but admits that "internally we have had conversations on how we'll strategize" the inevitable pursuit of a new arena in Orlando.

Translation: With struggling schools, not enough parks and a hurricane to clean up, it's bad form to publicly discuss a new arena. But I can tell you right now how the Magic plan to "strategize" this issue when the time comes: "Build us a new arena or we're moving to Kansas City."

End of strategizing.

Kansas City knows that the Magic are an unbelievably attractive candidate for relocation because the team has no legal ties to Orlando. The Magic voluntarily let their lease expire at TD Waterhouse Centre and are operating on a year-to-year basis. They could move into the Sprint Center at Kansas City's convenience.

It's also no secret that Kansas City much prefers an NBA team to an NHL team as the anchor tenant for the new building.

"We feel we have a setting that's very appealing to an NBA franchise looking to move," Mayor Barnes says. "We love basketball in Kansas City. There's been more Final Fours played here than any place in America.

"This is a great sports town, and I'm a huge sports fan. My father was a high school football and basketball coach. Sports is my passion, and I definitely want to bring another professional team to town."

Let's just hope her zeal to bring another pro team to Kansas City doesn't end up with Orlando losing the only one it has.

Mike Bianchi can be reached at [email protected]

Also like one of the KC forumers put it, the news came out of Orlando, we didn't know about it till the Magic, AEG and the Mayor of Kansas City talked about it...

The story was in the Orlando Sentinel and on ESPN...

Could Sacramento Kings Return To Kansas City?

Sacramento City Councilor Thinks Team Looking To Move

POSTED: 9:29 pm CDT August 6, 2004

UPDATED: 9:48 pm CDT August 6, 2004

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Could Kansas City's old basketball team be coming back?

The Sacramento Kings are in the middle of an arena controversy, KMBC's Kris Ketz reported. The Kings want a new building, and the franchise is running into problems.

Thursday night in Sacramento, a deal with the city to build a new arena fell apart. The city wants to ask voters to spend $175 million on a new arena, but the Kings want more.

"Unfortunately, it's apparent that neither the city nor our business can generate the revenues necessary to do this project," Kings executive John Thomas said.

Speculation is on the rise that the Kings might be planning a move. Sacramento Councilman Steve Cohn told local TV station KCRA that he thinks the NBA team has already begun its search for a new city.

And Sacramento fans are well aware that Kansas City has approved public funding for a new arena.

But team officials continue to say they're not interested in leaving California, even though business leaders and some on the City Council think the team will leave if the Kings don't get a new building.

There have been no discussions among Kansas City leaders about bringing the Kings back, Ketz reported.

In fact, some fans think the Kings' owners may use Kansas City as leverage to get a better deal in Sacramento.

"I guess, from an emotional standpoint you hoped they wouldn't. But from a business and logical standpoint, it might make sense for them to do that," said Brian Buchanan, a Kansas City sports fan.

But others weren't sure Kansas City could support a basketball team.

"I think it'd be a challenge because you got ... you've got the Chiefs, you've got the Royals -- now you're talking about a basketball team and maybe a hockey team? How much can we afford?" asked Royals fan David Hegarty.

The only thing certain at this point, Ketz reported, is the longer the Kings go without approval on a new building in Sacramento, the longer people will wonder if the team might leave.

Copyright 2004 by TheKansasCityChannel.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed

The only reason we wouldn't be able to get an NBA team is if we couldn't support one... Well we aren't a tiny cowtown anymore, we are gonna reach 500,000 people in 2010, 2.2-2.3 million people in our metro in 2010... Not to mention our downtown will hold over 30,000 people...

Sprint Center will be nicer than the Orlando Centroplex and the ARCO Arena...

You may be able to talk about the NBA, but you sure as hell can't talk about Kansas City...

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