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Developer, City squabble over Riverwalk


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by Bradley Parsons

Staff Writer

An attorney for developer DB Holdings said the City is holding up construction on a 430-foot stretch of the Northbank Riverwalk fronting Berkman Plaza, putting the project in jeopardy of missing its Super Bowl deadline.

City officials said they are still waiting for construction plans from the Atlanta developer before the project can be permitted, and said there was plenty of time to finish construction before the Feb. 6 game. But an attorney for the president of DB Holdings

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It really peeves me that the city is playing this blame game here.The constuction to this part of the Riverwalk should have already been completed by now.If the city wants to put it's best foot forward for the Super Bowl & it's citizens,it seems somebody needs to be minding the store. Instead,theywait till 4 months prior to an event and ask,whats the problem,giving little time for proper constuction.Now it's going to be a rush to get it done & may not be completed in time.The city should expedite this now.I hate to sound like a pessimist,but when i'm walking around these areas during the week of the Super Bowl,I want to be proud of this city for doing a great job.Not wondering why all these projects look unfinished or completed haphazardly.

Springfield since 1998

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You know, I'm worried that some of these projects will be built poorly because of time constraints. I hope they don't sacrifice quality of construction for deadlines. I'd rather have these projects completed with care after February, then have "Super Bowl projects" that will deteriorate 5 years from now.

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