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Symphony Hall Construction - columns delivered

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A view of the first truckload of stone pieces that will be used in the new Nashville symphony building emerges yesterday from between other pieces scheduled for later shipment from Bybee Stone Co. Inc. in Bloomington, Ind. The truck carrying the stone pieces is scheduled to arrive in Nashville today.


Michael Daulton of Bybee Stone marks where a flute will be cut in a baluster, or railing post, that will become part of the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.


This entrance, one of three to the symphony hall, would face Broadway


This is a computer-enhanced exterior view of the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, which is scheduled to open with public performances in September 2006. The Nashville Advisory Council was given a ''tour'' of the $120 million facility's interior yesterday.

Nashville to see symphony hall's columns going up

Public can mark progress with stone arriving today

A key feature of the face of Nashville's classical music future began leaving Indiana yesterday en route to Tennessee.

The first sections of the six towering limestone columns that will adorn the main entrance to Schermerhorn Symphony Center left the Bybee Stone Co. quarry near Bloomington last night. The shipment is scheduled to arrive at the downtown construction site at 7 a.m. today.

Five more truckloads are planned. The 32-foot-tall columns are made of solid, buff-colored Indiana limestone. Including the granite base, each weighs just over 62,500 pounds. They together will eventually support the pediment of the venue's north portico.

Around noon today, the first steps will be taken to assemble the columns. Anyone wishing to view the process is invited to visit the observation deck at the construction site. It's through a door in the construction wall that runs along the site's north side

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I stayed at the hotel across form there and it looks like it is being built in a prime location that will really help the city. Isn't it between the river and the Predators stadium?

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Hi guys!

I was just wondering how the construction is coming along.... will this be completed this year? We have a large group of people who will be in Nashville the weekend of the 5th and I am wondering if this will be completed by then...

Also... will there be any other major projects completed by then? Please let me know what to look out for.



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The weekend of the 5th of what, Paula? If you're talking the weekend of September 2006, then you're in luck! But I doubt you're meaning that. Nevertheless, construction is moving along beautifully and good view of the Symphony Hall can be had from the Shelby Pedestrian Bridge.

Nothing much is finished yet, the whole city is a mess. Pardon our dust, so to speak. And it's about to get much worse. Visitors to the city around downtown and on the freeways might think they've just arrived in Baghdad...this place is ripped to pieces and will stay that way for a long while to come. But that's okay, it means HUGE stuff is happening. It's a good time to check it out...a great before-shot right in front of your eyes.

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