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Doctor Accused Of Paying Fine With Feces-Covered Money

POSTED: 11:06 am EDT October 8, 2004

BURLINGTON, Iowa -- An Iowa doctor is trouble for using dirty money.

Police in Burlington charge that psychiatrist Ronald Preston McPike used feces-smeared dollar bills to pay a parking ticket. According to authorities, the money was in an envelope labeled, "Foreign brown substance on bills."

Lab test showed the stains were from excrement smeared on the bills.

Police said the doctor claimed the money fell into a toilet. He's been charged with harassment of a public official.

McPike has pleaded not guilty. He faces 30 days in jail and a $500 fine if convicted.

Woman Pleads Guilty To Biting Off Boyfriend's Tongue During Kiss

POSTED: 10:27 am EDT October 8, 2004

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Kissing can be dangerous. A Minnesota woman has pleaded guilty to biting off a chunk of her boyfriend's tongue in the midst of a kiss.

Pamela Johnson told police she argued with her boyfriend. He tried to make up by hugging and kissing her, but Johnson said she became fearful and "bit down a little too hard."

Doctors discovered that about a third of the man's tongue was missing. Johnson told police she couldn't remember what happened to it.

She was in a St. Paul court Thursday, to enter a guilty plea to third degree assault. When she's sentenced next month, Johnson faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000

Man Remarries First Wife After 52 Divorces

POSTED: 8:49 am EDT October 7, 2004

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- A Malaysian man has married for the 53rd time, tying the knot a second time with the first woman he wed.

"I am not a playboy. I just love seeing beautiful women," said 72-year-old Kamaruddin Mohammed.

In between marrying Khadijah Udin, in 1957 and again on Monday, he married 51 times, including to an Englishwoman and a Thai.

He stayed with the Thai the longest, for 20 years. His shortest marriage lasted two days. All his previous marriages ended in divorce except with the Thai woman, who died of cancer, he said.

"After she died I thought of Khadijah and sent several people to inquire. I didn't expect her to accept it," said Kamaruddin, who worked for several multinational companies before retiring in 1992.

Despite all the repeat marriages, Kamaruddin says he is a one-woman man.

"I don't like flings. I also don't believe in marrying more than one woman at a time," he said.

He said he is very happy to be reunited with the 74-year-old Khadijah. Their first marriage lasted a year.

Khadijah said she accepted Kamaruddin's proposal because she was living alone after the death of her third husband.

"Kamaruddin also promised to look after me until the end of our lives and said he did not want to continue his habit of remarrying repeatedly," she said.

Store's Slogan: 'Support Our Troops -- Send Porn'

POSTED: 8:19 am EDT October 7, 2004

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- "Support Our Troops -- Send Porn!"

That's what a sign says outside an adult book store in the Eugene, Ore, area. The Gateway Castle Superstore is offering a 10 percent discount to GI's in the war zone.

But the blue material could get the soldiers in a bind with the brass. The Pentagon said possession of pornography is banned.

Maj. Elizabeth Robbins at the Pentagon told the Register-Guard newspaper that even Playboy is off-limits. But the ban isn't deterring the purchase of X-rated material.

Liz Diehl, an employee at the adult bookstore, said they even have military wives buying magazines and videos for their men overseas

Indiana Mom Tattoos Anti-Bush Slogan On Shaved Head


POSTED: 8:25 am EDT October 7, 2004

BEDFORD, Ind. -- The presidential race is going to Kerra Fowler's head.

She's tattooed an anti-Bush message on her shaved head. The Indiana mother of four even offered her bare skull as political ad space on the eBay Internet auction site.

She said she was offered up to $30,000, but decided not to take the money. She did accept a bid of about $100, half of which Fowler said is going to the tattoo artist.

Fowler said she opposes the war in Iraq and intends to keep her anti-Bush tattoo after the election. But if John Kerry wins, Fowler said she'll probably just let her hair grow.

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