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What do to in Jax?


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First, I want to welcome you to Jacksonville and to UrbanPlanet! Great to have you here :) Jacksonville has lots of great things to do. Art, Music, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Beaches, Parks, Cruises, Shopping, the list goes on and on!

If you could, tell us what your hobbies and interests are, and I'm sure you'll get a great list of cool things to try.

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To be honest, 19 is a rough age to be in Jacksonville. We have few colleges compared to other cities; consequently, a large number of our 18-22 year olds are living somewhere else. You might find the biggest concentrations of people your age on the southside near UNF ... though that's out in the middle of a bland sprawl wasteland.

But I second Lakelander's suggestion of providing a list of your hobbies and interests. It could narrow things down quite a bit.

Personally, I've always thought Jacksonville was best for its outdoor activities. The St. Johns is great for sailing, waterskiing, fishing, etc. The beaches are nice too, and I would suggest Hanna or Guana parks if you like camping, hiking on dunes, or etc out by the beach. We also have an insane number of golf courses. There are a few nice bike trails and shooting ranges too.

If you are interested in more "city" activities, you'll have to put some more work into your search. jax has no real entertainment district where you can just show up and find something to do. You have to plan ahead. Check out Jaxclubs.com, Jaxevents.com, and DowntownJacksonville.org for individual clubs/restaurants/events that you might enjoy.

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As far as things to do @ 19, I understand your pain because it wasn't that long ago for me. Downtown is not the hot place at night...yet. In about 5 years (hopefully sooner) Downtown will be THE place to go at night. (you'll be 21 by then, anyway)

As far as things to do now, If your into clubs, I'd recommend the Beaches strip. They have several places to go at night that are routinely 18+ Specifically, Ocean Club (which just started 18+) is a good place. In town I'd recommend Plush, at Arlington Expressway & University Blvd. It's near Jacksonville U. (my alma mater), so it is typically a college crowd (especially Fridays). However, I haven't been here in a few months, and clubs change frequently, so no guarantees, but these should help.

Let us know if you want other things to do (like before dark)

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