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ext energy boom town.


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As I've stated before the city of Columbia is taking aggresive steps into transforming itself into a knowledge based economy.

If everything happens like it is laid out Columbia could very well be the next boom town in 10 to 15 years.

Well, here are a few articles addressing that ideation for future economic development for the city.


New energy planning on agenda


Business Editor

A group of university, business and political leaders wants to develop a 20-year plan to ensure the Columbia region becomes a hub of research and innovation into new energy sources.

The Columbia Next Energy Initiative is a project of EngenuitySC, the coordinating council leading the region

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I have to say that I think USC and Columbia can pull it off. The city is naturally a great place to be, and Columbia is a great town in general. The whole nanoscience and fuel cells are still in the infantile stages of development.

For future reference, shorter posts with main highlights & links to the articles are more condusive to conversation :)

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For future reference, shorter posts with main highlights & links to the articles are more condusive to conversation :)


ehh, It's a learning process I'll keep it in mind thanks.

I think the city can pull it off as well.

It has all the prerequsites that similiar boom towns had 15-20 years ago (Austin, Raleigh) ie large research institution, state capitals, progressive forward thinking local government, cheap cost of living, etc...

The only disadvantage is they waited so long to get active, but if they are smart and play their strentghs I think the city will do alright in the near future and beyond.

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Here's a link to the EngenuitySC site talking about WIFI -- wireless internet access. I'm a writer and I work from home, so I'm always looking for places in the city to get out and log on. There is already a public WIFI hotspot in the Vista, but I don't find it very practical for public use. The main library is adding WIFI though, so that should be a really nice place to go. Rumor has it that the city is considering a radical WIFI expansion. Let's hope. :) Would be cool.

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I think that SC could become a major producer of E85 fuel which has had had great success in the midwest as an alternative fuel.  Basically it is simply a mixture of 15% gasoline and 85% ethanol (moonshine).  While most older cars on the road today could not burn it, many new cars now have flex fuel engines which can burn e85 or regular gasoline.  There are many many tobacco fields in the state that can be converted to growing corn or other plants used in the distallation process. 

This is a great way to reduce our dependance on foreign oil, and put local people to work without having to resort to exotic, expensive, and yet to be proven technology such as hybrids.

E85 Information


This article is kinda old (Feb. 2004) but its talks about another type of energy/ feul that will be researched, & developed in Columbia.

Seimens VDO automotive will be headquarted out of Columbia. They are planning on making Columbia the "center of its assualt on the North American diesel market."

They will focus on research, development, & testing diesel engine technology.

It's expected to be a national center for research and development, engineering, and testing for diesel feul technology. According to the article ,

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I know, right?! That was my thought too. The Element is rated as an LEV (low emissions vehcile), but no E85! :(

I think all Honda made cars are rated LEV. Even my Acura TL is LEV but still requires Premium grade fuel. With the price of gas right now, I sure wish it took E85 though, lol!

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FYI... got this open invite in an email today...

Join us for a Leadership Briefing on...

The Role of USC's Research Campus in Transforming the Region and South Carolina's Economy.

Tuesday, November 30

Columbia Convention Center

Main Lobby, Ballroom A

5:30 p.m. Pre-reception

6:00 p.m. Leadership Briefings: Dr. Andrew Sorensen, Dr. Harris Pastides, Don Herriott, James Clark, and Craig Davis

7:00 p.m. Research Reception

Please join us for this exciting event. RSVP by calling 803-233-2447 by November 24 or by email to [email protected]

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