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Hawaii Politics?

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I may as well make a thread in Urbanguy's section to commemerate this woeful day.... :(

As you might be aware of, I am not American nor do I care about the upcoming election much besides for entertainment reasons - but nevertheless, Hawaii is a state that seems to be way off the politicial map. I believe Hawaii is a strong Kerry state, but maybe that varies regionally (ex. with the military scene at Pearl Harbor), and I wonder what issues are considered important domestically and internationally with such an unusual ethnic base. Is North Korea a hot issue because of Hawaii being in range of their arsenal? Just wondering.

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Well Hawaii is pretty much a democratic voting majority as it has been for decades only recently has the state elected a republican governor and that took 40 yrs haha but she's not the extreme bush type. As for North Korea there's very little talk about it and doesn't seem like too much of a concern to the local populous but definately to the military of course as the headquarters of the Pacific Command is located here which is in charge of approximately 3/4's of the earths surface and if the commander and the president were to be cut off as in communications the Pacific commander has the authority to launch a nuclear attack if he chooses. Also i know we have missle sites here like on Kauai but im not exactly sure what their range is but i would think it would be used to intercept any incoming warheads?

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