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Redevelopment of Forrest Park

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A Possible Face Lift For A Spartanburg Neighborhood

Amanda Abbott

News Channel 7

Monday, October 11, 2004

The Spartanburg City Council will be hearing for the first time the plans to re-develop the Forrest Park neighborhood.

The 3.5 million dollar project would happen in three phases over a five year period.

The total project would demolish forty-five rundown homes, relocating nearly forty families.

It also calls for improving the roadways and building new homes.

City council member Robert Reeder whose district this area is in, says he has been working for years trying to improve it. Reeder says the project would give new life to an area which has been plagued by deterioration.

This is only the first reading of the proposal by the City Council, another will have to take place before it can be voted on.

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Sounds like either a neighborhood on the Southside. The City has been putting alot of effort in to revitalizing that area recently.

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