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Landing to charge admission fee


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Landing to charge admission fee for Florida/Georgia weekend


by J. Brooks Terry

Staff Writer

In an effort to control rowdy crowds, the Landing plans to charge a $5 admission fee during Florida/Georgia weekend.

According to Landing management, there will be six gated entry points and a $5 admission charge on Friday, Oct. 29 and Saturday, Oct. 30.

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^^ This illustrates the benefit of opening up the Landing thru the middle to Laura Street. The Landing as currently designed physically and visually turns its back on downtown and focuses solely on the river. By opening up the center, synergy is established with the Laura St. corridor. By doing so, it not only helps with crowd control, but expands the downtown core entertainment zone.

Fortunately Sleiman understands this and wants to do it. It has been many months now since the Landing redevelopment has had headlines. I wonder if it is dead or if negotiations are ongoing. Hasanyone heard anything on that?

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they've already restricted the entire landing to 21+ for a few events in the recent past (perhaps even during part of the gator bowl, though i can't recall). consequently, i don't think it is that big a deal to charge admission. they've already proven they can handle a limited access situation.

besides, it might well be a good thing. instead of EVERYBODY crowding the landing, perhaps bay st and adams street might have a chance to draw some people.

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I agree with Urban_Legend and Captain_Obvious' comments.  The city owns the land, but Sleiman owes the buildings.  Sleiman's lease probably allows charges in cases such as this.  Hopefully, this will encourage the overflow crowd to hit Laura & Adams streets for eateries.


Good point. Maybe you are right in that letting the crowds leave the Landing area will help promote other smaller downtown bars and hangouts.

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