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Who else is excited?


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I'm so excited! Its on tonight guys! SUN OCT 17 at 9/8C on Scifi Channel!

www.savefarscape.com and cheeck out the press reports they got! So much good feedback!

If you are just checking out the show go to www.farwhat.com for more info!

Oh! And if you are new! Dont give up!

"Even the requisite expositional recap, which explains how Crichton came to this strange new galaxy and the rest of his "Farscape" activities, doesn't arrive until about 15 minutes in.

This demands a lot of an audience. As always, though, this new "Farscape" rewards those who stick with it, and delivers, once again, a very entertaining and engrossing genre drama." NY Daily News

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I thought this show had been canceled.  Did they bring it back to life?


This is just a miniseries to give the show a proper ending. :D

Rabid fans like some stupid nut did.  :P



Did you watch it Cotuit? If ya did, what did you think? You really need to check out season 3, its the best!

BTW! Encore this Sunday at 3/2C!

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I really really enjoyed it. I would like to see John make it back to Earth, but with the peace, the friction is sort of gone out of the plot. Of course Earth doesn't have peace yet... And I don't know that I'd enjoy the show without Dargo. :(

They left the whole sebatians are human revalation kinda hanging out there though don't ya think?

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