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Small Update on Atlanta I-285 transit plan

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Well, hopefully this is moving much closer to reality for the region. An I285 transit corridor would hit two of Atlanta's largest employement centers and provided suburb to suburb mass transit which is non-existant in Atlanta and most others major metros. I think this is an important key to actually providing transit that Atlantans could use.

Regional planners narrow choices on transit for I-285

Planners are close to a recommendation on mass transit for the top end of I-285. Options for the type of vehicle have been narrowed to two -- bus rapid transit (rubber-tired vehicles that operate like trolleys) or light rail. There are four potential routes.

A final public meeting to gather opinion on the best of these options is planned 5:30-8:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Dorothy C. Benson Center, 6500 Benson Woods Drive, Sandy Springs.

The proposed transit line would run from the Cumberland area at I-285 and I-75 and connect with MARTA at Perimeter Center and at Doraville. It is intended to help ease traffic congestion in that corridor. Numerous studies on traffic congestion in metro Atlanta have identified the top end of I-285 as one of the most gridlocked roads in the region.

Previous public meetings and focus groups have indicated a public preference for the bus rapid transit vehicles, which can run either in dedicated lanes or on public roads and highways, according to Atlanta Regional Commission officials. The ARC is coordinating the mass transit study.

Once a vehicle type and preferred route have been recommended by the current study, planners will begin conducting the required environmental evaluation.

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Yes they could definately use this- But the North end seems like one big parking lot to me. I never ever get on 285 or 400. That whole North side is a mess and I can't believe so many people live there. Saturday and Sunday seem like rush hour all day up there.

But hopefully it's light rail- busses just don't make sense.

Only avid readers would board a bus that sits in traffic.

I once worked for a company in Chamblee. Out of 50 employees I was the only one that lived in the city. I used MARTA every day and loved it.

The others would leave at 6:00 A.M. to be there before 8!!!!

To me- that ain't living!!

But that's good news for the Northerners.

As far as the Beltline, I'm a supporter but have not received any news- I still think it's being studied. Most of the infrastructure is there- so it wouldn't be that expensive. I think the city was going to raise the sales tax to help- but Fulton county was able to block it.

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Maybe aubieturtle is refering to the private funds/public bonds program Perdue started up. I didn't think any mass transit was going to be built this way, but it's the only thing I can think of. I seriously doubt any mass transit system would be developed solely with private funds, it's just not a profitable business.

As for the progress, they are really looking at narrow down the planning phase. There is some documentation available (I'll find the link again) with a basic route plan, station plan, etc. It's still up in the air though, which will probably be finished up in the next year or so. I don't expect to see construction to start for a minimum of 3 years, but realistically, 5.

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