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ANZAC Bridge


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The ANZAC Bridge would have to be the 3rd major crossing into Sydney's CBD and surrounds.

It is one of Sydney's newer landmarks. Opened in December 1995, it provides a key link between

Sydney and the greater west with its urban expanse. Great to walk across as it gives a fantastic panorama of Sydney

The bridge has a main span of 345m/1132ft . It is the longest cable-stayed span bridge in Australia.

The deck is supported by two planes of stay cables attached to the 120m/394ft high reinforced concrete towers

Nick-named Madonna

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@ Pinky. Thanks. icecream.gif

@ Spartan. Yes, the older bridge is still there, I think acting in assistance to the docks. A lot of new motor vehicles are offloaded on one of the ports on the western side.

@ Ron Newman. If only LOL. Of course it is named after the Australian & New Zealand Army Corps of the early part of last Century...represented by this garganutan thing; an early 1900s' soldier on the western side looking down onto the traffic:


@ BigCityAttitude Don't laugh. I'm sure in the 70s there were serious kooks who thought it might be possible *translates a 2 1/2 hour flight into a bridge* :whistling:

@ monsoon. Yes, cable-stayed bridges are all the go - they're poppin' up everywhere. The construction of the world

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