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I-77 Corridor Growth Study


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Great... more sprawl...

Blythewood needs to act now! That area right around the interstate could be a really charming little town center. But if they don't have a good plan, it ain't gonna happen. I'm afraid the same sort of junk is going to happen around the Peak exit. They could build a really neat town center around I-26, but it will probably end up being just another strand of big box retailers and strip malls. Sprawl sucks.

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I hope that doesn't happen, but it does seem to be the recipe these days.  Is Blythewood a separate municipality from Columbia?  It seems to be pretty remote right now.


It is. Its not much either. It has two main roads, and they don't even form a 4 way intersection. However, it is said to be growng rapidly. The town annexed alot of proporty right after the 2000 Census, and they are haveing a special census done again to get an accurate population count. They estimate it to be well over 2000. That says alot for that area. Its mainly growing (at least as far as I can tell) to the east of I-77. Between US21 (I think thats the road) and the upper end of Hard Scrabble. That new high school is definately a sign of the growth in that area. I think that Blythewood Rd closer to the interstate and blythewood itself could be a great place to have a commercial center. But most likely it would be closer to Cola. Blythewood is almost in Fairfield County. Never been fond of that name though. Blythewood.

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