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City's development non-policy catches up with it


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Providence community elisted for Zoning Commission

AdvertisementPublished 12/14/2004

Providence Mayor David N. Cicilline appointed dozens of Providence residents and representatives of neighborhood groups, businesses, public and private organizations to serve on four separate subcommittees of the City of Providence Zoning Commission to "create mechanisms for public engagement" in the process.

The four subcommittees to the Zoning Commission, which he created in October, include: Institutions Subcommittee; Form-Based Subcommittee; Waterfront/ Environmental Subcommittee, and a Zoning Maps Subcommittee.

"Given the complexity of updating the City's Zoning Ordinance - and in particular, the critical need to reexamine the way development is addressed in our residential, commercial, neighborhood and downtown zones - we are looking for public input to be as wide and diverse as possible," Mayor Cicilline said in a December 13 statement.

Beyond that, the Mayor indicated he has established a link on the City's official website to solicit public comments and concerns.

That website is: providenceri.com/zoning.

From Providence Buisness News

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