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MIAMI | Dadeland, Kendall area


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Coverage of Miami's Kendall suburb and neighboring areas.

Communities covered:

Kendall / Dadeland

The Falls


Click the link and check out some of the small pictures...

I'll try to keep this thread updated as Dadeland gets taller.



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GlobeSt.com UPDATE: Twin Metropolis Towers Sold Out

By Marita Thomas

Last updated: December 20, 2004 08:14am

DADELAND, FL-Metropolis at Dadeland, a 25-story, twin-tower residential condo complex under development by Miami-based Terra ADI International Developments, is sold out, according to Lorraine Navarro, sales manager. Tower I is ready for occupancy and ground is currently being broken on its twin.

A deck on the eighth floor will connect the buildings, which together contain 568 units. They include 675-sf studios, lofts with 13-foot ceilings, one- and two-bedroom apartments with dens and 1,445-sf penthouses. Condo prices range from the $150,000s to the $400,000s, and Navarro says sales volume totaled $25 million. Tower II is scheduled for completion next spring.

The Metropolis towers, the tallest buildings Downtown, are located on approximately two acres at 9101 South Dadeland Blvd. within steps of Dadeland Mall, a Publix supermarket and Metrorail. On completion, Metropolis will contain such amenities as an outdoor pool, fitness center, and a private clubhouse with a bar, kitchen and lounge. Services include 24-hour valet, security and concierge.

The architect of the Art Moderne structures is Coral Gables-based Nichols Brosch & Sandoval Associates. Pedro Martin founded Terra in 2001, and Nautica, a six-story, 33-unit building with a private marina on the Intercoastal Waterway of Miami

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A photo tour of the Dadeland area, with photos and construction updates. Next time the pictures will be higher-res.

"Downtown Kendall" area looking toward Dadeland South Metorail station. Metropolis towers under construction, Metropolis 1 topped off:


Looking southeast, with recently-finished Courtyard Marriott, bottom left


Colonnade project, fronting Snapper Creek Canal, across from Dadeland Mall


Dadeland at a wider angle, Metrorail track on left:


Dadeland station, a three-level vertical shopping center with six-level parking garage, across from Dadeland North Metrorail station:


inside Dadeland station:


Canyon effect: Dadeland North Metrorail parking garage and condo/retail project on the right.


Downtown Dadeland project, underground parking under construction.


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As promised, high-res pics:


Kendall skyline from the south (those retail stores are in the Village of Pinecrest, literally across the street from Kendall):


My favorite building, 9155 Dadeland:


Looking northwest toward the "dense sprawl" of suburban Kendall... Palmetto Expressway (FL 826) in the foreground:


Dadeland Station is one of my favorite concepts. It has several amenities that I find positive in shopping: dense/compact, vertical, covered parking, and just a block away from transit.

Dadeland Station at night:


Dadeland Station escalators:


Dadeland Station parking garage. Odd-numbered parking levels 1, 3, and 5 have pedestrian bridges to retail levels 1, 2, and 3:


A Kendall sunset:


Kendall skyline at night:


Art in public places, Dadeland North Metrorail station entrance, platform on left:


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Glad you like, wolfdawg. There's actually two streets that run under Dadeland Station. In addition to the one that goes under the atrium, SW 70th Ave is a divided four-lane roadway that goes beneath the Target. When you go underneath it gives you the illusion of driving through a tunnel.

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Downtown Kendall continues to build... Metropolis 1 is topped off, Metropolis 2 is almost there, and Downtown Dadeland project facing SW 88th Street is now above ground. More info to follow.


Proposed project would add 640 condo units

A developer wants to convert apartments by Dadeland Mall into a group of town houses and condominiums -- a controversial project that would more than double the number of existing units.


[email protected]


The plans include tearing down the existing four-story apartment buildings [...] to build four six-story buildings and four eight-story buildings for condominiums. It also involves building 28 three-story town houses and a six-story parking garage in the center of the complex...

Full Article: Miami Herald

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why do they keep calling these plans "contrversial'????

It's not as if they're building a 40 story tower and this is right in line with where density belongs. Close to shopping, two metrorail stops and three major highways/roads.

I thought we were getting over this small town mentality. I guess we have a ways to go.

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Since the County Commission delegates zoning decisions for local districts to Community Councils, these local board meetings are more likely to attract more NIMBYs than if the meetings were held downtown. There is always the option of appealing any zoning decision to the full Commission. The NIMBYs from Pinecrest are especially fierce, who are more BANANA (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone) than anything else. And for a while, there was a small group of people who wanted to incorporate East Kendall to prevent the County from being able to approve these projects.

It stinks, I know, however I don't see any stop to this since the Dadeland area has already been designated an "urban center district" (DKUC) and the overlay is already in place. I think once some of these buildings start being occupied, we'll see a shift in thinking, especially as the constituency develops. Also it helps that the commissioner that represents the Kendall area supports the Downtown Kendall development.

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I'm buying a condo in the Metropolis Tower II and according to my salesman they will have Tower I completed (and people will begin moving in) in August of 2005. Tower II is scheduled for completion in December of 2005.

I was told by a construction worker across the street from the Metropolis, at Downtown Dadeland, that they plan on completing all seven 7-story buildings (that make up "Downtown Dadeland" project) by December, 2005. I don't know if this is possible, although, they are working hard!

I also spoke with the construction workers at the building between Metropolis II and Citibank; that project is interesting. The building on Kendall Drive is going to be a low rise (I believe it's 5 or 6 stories or so), with "Rooms To Go" renting out the entire first floor and residential condominiums on the rest of the floors. Then behind it, they are already underway on a 20-22 story condominium highrise. Also, right next to all of that, over by Publix, they are going to be knocking out the old medical building (about 8 stories currently) and replacing it with a state-of-the-art medical highrise building!

Can you imagine: Dadeland of 5 years ago was a baby compared to what we'll see there in about 2 years! :D

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Wow, good news... Please keep us posted. Those Metropolis towers have turned out nice. Can't wait to seem them painted. As twins, they are even more imposing on the skyline than one tower by itself.

It look a long time to get Downtown Dadeland's underground levels completed, but it now looks they are advancing much more quickly now that they are above ground. Being only 7 stories, they have a really good chance of making it by December... :)

As for the Dadeland Medical Building, that is definitely the best news I've heard in a while. That thing is nothing but an eyesore that desperately needs to be torn down. Can't wait to see its replacement.

The existing parcel that the building lies on is 2/3 surface parking (how wasteful).


There's so much left to do... I hope these ideas also lie in our future:

- Building out the Publix parking lot (at least the part along Dadeland Blvd) to create a continuous streetwall, and convert the Publix into a more urban-friendly format.

- Start building Dadeland Mall outward toward the street, into a street-friendlier retail/entertainment center, like an arcade.

- Tear down the CompUSA store west of the Medical Bldg and convert to mixed use.

- Convert the parcel east of Downtown Dadeland (anchored by The Container Store) to mixed use, currently a traditional strip mall.

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Those are good ideas! The CompUSA is ugly and wasteful, so is its parking lot. The Publix I think is great looking, but the wasted space is above it. Miami is going to be in desperate need of office space in the next 5 years (according to many articles I've been reading online)...what an ideal space, above the Publix, for offices!

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The promised Dadeland Update from the print edition of the Miami Today 05/12/05 edition (links point to P&C list)

3,000 units in the pipeline with 500 available by this summer

Towers of Dadeland (1st and 2nd phases ??) - 335 units ready in 4 - 6 weeks.

Metropolis (tower 1) - 207 units ready by the end of summer

Metropolis (tower 2) - 197 units ready by the end of the year - designed by Nichols Brosch Sandoval.

Downtown Dadeland - 416 units designed by Spillis Candela.

Dadeland Park village - 783 unit "complex" (not sure where this one is) architect: Bermello Ajamil and RRevuelta Vega Leon

Fairfield at Dadeland - 403 units planned as rentals but is being converted. First phase incorporates a room to go at ground level has been topped off. The tower portion will rise to 25 stories with one level of underground parking.

The Colonnade - 4 ten story towers, 555 units total. Permits have yet to be pulled for this project at time of printing but I believe they have recently got those. A little worried that this project is going so slow. Architect - Bermello Ajamil


Dayco Dadeland - 25 story 255 unit condo tower is in the permitting stage. designed by Nichols Brosch.

City Furniture Dadeland - in the permitting stage. Designed by Garcia Brenner Stormberg.

Dadeland Hotel - 15 stories. designed by J. Scott Architects.

Archstone at Dadeland - 10 story residential project is in the conceptual stage. Designed by Gabriel Salazar.

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