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New Ferry Service


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A Cleveland-Canada ferry could shove off in two years - a ship that could carry more than 800 passengers and 400 cars and include restaurants, bars, shops and cabins to take a nap.

But no gambling, said Rose Ann DeLeon, director of strategic development for the Cleve- land-Cuyahoga County Port Authority. A $400,000 port authority study recommended a one-way fare between $45 and $55 per person, according to season, and between $25 and $40 for a cabin. The cost of a car would be an extra $50 to $60.

Cost would be about $100 for a tractor-trailer, including the driver's fare, and between $100 and $120 for an RV, but does not include the driver's fare.

The trip would take between four and 4

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that is the best Idea yet! bring canadians directly into the heart of cleveland, then legalize gambling and everyone would say the heck with detroit because it sucks and cleveland is off to a great start! police would have jobs cracking down on "bad" people near the gambling. the new lakefront plan intermingled with all of this might be enough to turn cleveland around.

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Ferries for long distance travel are quite nice. The Alaska Marine Highway system is quite extensive, linking small communities all over southeast and southcentral Alaska. When I was there last summer we took a ferry from Juneau to Skagway and did some hiking up there. (It was cool and very very windy.. but a nice little town).

The only problem is that $55 is pretty expensive. I wonder how profitable it could be. (I'm not sure about the number of people that would want to travel that way.)

More recently, I took advantage of the Hong Kong ferry system between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, which was HK2.50, or about $0.35 or so for a one way ticket. They had a system called the "octopus" card, in which you put money on the card and then you simply scan it over a reader on all public transportation and many restaurants/stores. (Payment is almost instantaneous)...

Hong Kong probably has hte most convenient transportation of any city in the world. (At least of any city that I've been too). It wasn't too crowded and it was very cheap.

With all that said... I hope the ferries get off to a start. My only concern would be during the winter. Doesn't lake Eerie freeze over?

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