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Detroit Photo of the Day


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I have a feeling that things will really pick up in another couple years. The Cass Park area was one of the areas hit hardest by blight, so it will be one of the last areas in midtown to be redveloped. There are signs on a few mid-sized apartment building announcing renovations. The Eddystone is not supposed to start construction until after they are done with the Carlton. Detroit Urban Living also owns the Harbor Light Center across the street. I'm assuming that they'll do that after they finish with the Eddystone. Now if we could just get some nice infill in that area right on Woodward & north of the Fisher Freeway....

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I owe everyone on this forum a lot of photo of the days, lol. I just finished my presentation boards with 2.5 hours left to spare. I'm going to sleep a bit, since I have only slept 6 hours since Monday. Anyway, new photos are coming sometime later today.

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I wonder who is going to buy that church. They'll have a lot of clean up work to do.

Also, thanks Allan for taking a picture of Cooley High. It is such a magnificient school. I'll have to get the hi res images from you later if you don't mind.


SNWEB.ORG, Obie Trice went to that high school. Maybe he could teach you some more ghetto lingo beyond "homeslice"

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Thanks. I took about 20 photos of Cooley, but I was definately there at the wrong time of day. I will have to go back if I get the chance. I walked a really long ways today though, so I don't know if I'll feel like going back anytime soon.

I parked near the star, and walked, following the path in yellow. I took photos on the way to New Center, but not many on the way back.


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Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Graphic Arts Building on Burroughs opened in 1926, and was once home to typographers and typesetters. The building was designed by Murphy and Burns, and is in the heart of what was once Detroit's advertising district. It is currently being renovated.


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