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Detroit Photo of the Day


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Arron is absolutely right, good job! And yes, it is occuppied by the Detroit Water Dept. In fact, if you still live in the city and are don't feel like paying your bill by mail, you can go here and do it in person. Sometimes the building is open on Saturdays, and if you get the chance, go inside and check it out, there is a fantastic mural on the ceiling dedicated to the water dept.

BTW, May really is water month, there is a huge sign over the entrance!

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Indeed! Water Month is almost over.

I wish the power lines on Monroe would be burried already! ;)

By the way, when people say the Renaissance Center is removed from the city's skyline, I show them this photo:



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In honor of the playoffs, I'd thought I'd post this picture from Tastfest 2004


The story behind this picture is pretty funny. The person in the picture with the Pistons jersy is John Ondrasik from the band Five For Fighting who is a huge sports fan (band name is a reference to hockey). Toward the end of the show, he got up and told a story that I will try to summarize to the best of my memory. Since he is from LA, he is also a big Lakers fan and we all know who played in the finals last year. He made a bet with someone from Detroit, who's name I can't remember right now, on the out come. Since he lost the bet and he is an honorable man, the next time he was in Detroit, he had to put on a Pistons jersey and a Ben Wallace afro wig in front of the crowd who went wild! He played the final song like this and gracefully departed. By the time they came back for an encore, he removed it.

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That pic reminds me of a New York Scene except with less people.


You just need to see downtown around lunch time. The sidewalks were pretty crowded around 12:30 today as I made my way through C-Mart on the way to eat lunch.

BTW, they were finishing up the tree planting on Woodward & Washington today. Now if they'd just grow so that there's some shade....

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Ok, I've decided to stop being lazy, so I'm going to start posting new photos in here again. Anyone can add new photos...after all, the more photos the better, right?

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

One of my favorite old advertisments is located on the city's west side.


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The advertisement is probably 75 years old. It has faded substantially over time, but it is still clearly visible. The sign painters back then did a good job, unlike the advertisments painted on brick today, which usually flake off after only a few years.

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