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Awesome game! I'm keeping my new avatar up, it's helping

I've done the Ford Field tour a few times myself. I did a research project on the stadium for one of my classes. The people there were nice and let me go to more behind the scenes areas not covered on the tour. Perhaps you guys could try using the "I'm an architecture student" line to see more of the stadium. The only parts we couldn't go to were the roof catwalks and the Ford Suite, which no one had a key to.

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I took this on Tuesday around 2:00.  I was playing hookie from work that day :) (personal day actually).  We also went on the Ford Field tour which was cool.


Cool. I was there not much after...like around 2:30 or 3:00 passing by on my bike.


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The tour will take you to:

The Main concourse with the Detroit street theme

The Warehouse atrium

Club Levels, and a club suite

Conference rooms for parties, gatherings, and meetings and such (suprisingly affordable)

Press levels, and several significant rooms

The basement which includes the visitor's and Lion's lockerooms

And finally, the field.

For my research project, they took us to more parts of the warehouse and the mechanical penthouses. They then took us inside where the hotel was supposed to go. We also saw some of the hidden utility corridors and storage rooms, and space that was not developed yet. Stuff that would not be that ineresting to the masses, but more for architecture students.

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Zissou - You're really not allowed to throw anything when you are down there, although there was some kids that were tossing a foam football last time I did the tour. In fact, letting anyone but players and stadium personel participate in any physical activities (throwing balls, running, tackling) on the field is against their insurance policy.

Michi - They only mentioned the house of Blues was potentially going in (this was awhile ago). According to someone who called in to ask about the hotel, they were still in the planning stages. Nothing that will surface by the time the Superbowl comes around.

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All this talk about Ford Field, so I'll post some pictures

Welcome to Ford Field


View from up top. To the left is where a hotel would go. The story the guy told me is that every thing is ready, the just need a chain to sign up. Then they will design the floors to their liking. Right now, they're just large open floors which I'm sure will be put to good use for the superbowl.


Down on the field, which is a very unique and soft artificial surface


Looking up towards the stands


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Can you imagine how much rooms would have gone for if the hotel was up and ready for the Super Bowl? D'zaam!

Is that little cafe thing at the Guardian Building Prominade open yet? Last time I was there, they were just setting up. I liked their logo, that matched the Guardian's.

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The Guardian Lobby really does glow, especially at night.

I think the Rowland Cafe is open now. The last time I was in there Christopher told me that they are planning to reopen the restaurant in the basement again later this year, but he couldn't give me any details. I have a feeling that it is going to be an upscale restaurant of sorts.

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June 21, 2005

The Stuberstone building on Cass in Midtown. Like many of the buildings in the neighborhood, this was once an automotive showroom, but like many of these, it has been recently converted. There is a Concentra Medical center on the ground floor and the upper portion is lofts.



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@Zissou: sorry, I didn't get any pictures of the entire bldg. It is very deep on the lot, with a parking area on the side.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

This pictures are from the courtyard of the Charles Lang Freer mansion (1890) on Ferry Street in the cultural center. Freer made his fortune making railroad cars with his partner Colonel Frank Hecker (house next door on the corner of Woodward and Ferry st).

The house is really in 2 parts connected by the room which goes over this archway leading into this little courtyard. It is my understanding that it served as entrance for the horse and carriages.


Here's the inside of the courtyard.


Freer was quite the art collector and the room on the left of this picture is the famous Peacock Room which was designed by James Whistler and contained his collection of Asian artwork. Freer specified that his collection, in its entirety, be donated and it is now the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. His collection was so large, that when it was donated, it filled several boxcars!

(unfortunately I did not take any pictures from the inside or the front)

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It might be because it's too big of a collection and the Smithonean is a national museum which would give his collection more showing value. Also, the DIA wasn't built until 1927, athough, I don't know what, if anything existed before that. I don't know exactly when it was donated, but I think it has to be around 1910 or something, so there might not have been anything locally.

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The old DIA was much too small to hold a collection of that size. It was located over on East Jefferson. It was Romanesque in style, and looked kind of like a castle. If my memory serves me correctly, it was constructed in the 1890s and demolished in the 1960s.

An Early View


After the turret roofs had been removed


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