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Detroit Photo of the Day

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Great picture Michi! But man, we as a people sure are getting heavy :huh:

Indeed! We need to become more obligated to reinvent our cities into what they use to be by encouraging pedestrian activity, recreation, with the willingness and desire to do so! (become active, I mean) :)

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I totally agree. Im just speaking to the longterm future. Call me crazy, but if whats going on now continues at its current rate, I see Detroit being the next major/notable American city after NYC, LA, and Chicago in the next 20-30 years...which would be complimented by new skyscrappers (eventually, and thats a long eventually). Boston and Philly may give us a run for our money

A lot could happen in 30 years. Detroit could experience an economic and highrise boom like many newer large downtowns experienced in the latter part of the 20th century while they themselves stagnate. We could do what Toronto has done (much more highrises in Toronto than in Chicago). But first we need to catch up with those other cities, Boston and Philly, etc. Greater Downtown Detroit could be transformed easily just by moving around resources within the Metro Detroit region, but to go after Chicago or LA would require a new economy, like the one NextEnergy and TechTown are going after.

Man, if all those people in the Corktown picture would MOVE there and start walking to those bars and restaurants and the stores (that would then be built for them) they'd lose at least a few percentages of that fat! I think what we need are more neighborhood dojos for kicking weight by kicking ass.

Tapezord, is that the BCBS parking garage?

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The Cliff Bells Bar project... there is some impressive work under that wood, I'll tell you that much. Looking forward to this place. Park Avenue is becoming a very fun place to visit on weekends, we were at the Town Pump for our usual Friday night routine and as always, it did not disappoint!

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