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Kansas City's CBD and upper downtown:


The East Loops has had some trouble getting some density. However as most of you know, the south loop (SoLo) area is going to get 5 residential towers and a 18 floor office tower... (it's the blank area on the left side of the aerial just north of the highway, about 6 blocks total)

Also in that aerial, you can see Kansas City, Kansas in the background.

All of downtown:


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Allan, that's a really good shot of Detroit, does the city MUCH more justice than most Detroit skyline shots.


Definately. The problem with most skyline shots is that people like to take them from across the river. But since Detroit has a linear downtown, the typical river shot misses most of the skyline. I can only imagine what this shot used to look like. We have lost an incredible amount of density in downtown and the surrounding areas during the past 50 years.

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This is as close of an angle as I could find to that skyline shot. Unfortunately, since this was taken from an airplane as opposed to a building, you get a completely different perspective. This shot is from 1954, prior to I-75 and I-375 slicing through downtown.


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Wow.. good to get back in here.. haven't posted in here for ages :)

I shall post some Denver photos:


- Downtown Denver


- Aerial shot of Denver: as you see the west (facing the mountains) needs to get some growing, but i think there is a major boom around there of the population burst here in Colorado. Everyones seeding :)


- Night shot: in the early and mid -90's Denvers skyline started a big boom. But has stopped altoghether. And i believe they are making theatres, arts museams.. etc. etc.




- approximately 32 million square feet of commercial and government office space. No other office district in a 600 mile radius contains more space. The CBD also contains more than 2 million square feet of retail space, and almost 2,200 residential units. 130,000 people work in the CBD, and approximately 3,000 people live in the area. Below are the projects planned within the CBD

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Thanks for all the great photography, its always great to see cities from different perspectives. Detroit is not as bad as its made out to be, although I have no immediate desire to move there.

St Louis looks like its stopped tearing down all of its history, hopefully from here on out the older demolitions can be kept at a minimum. :)

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