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Articles in today's Business Journal

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Major article with a block-by-block graphic of the land costs for courthouse.

Editorial on the courthouse situation

Article on Super bowl rental of Old St. Luke's hospital, but no mention of potential sale.

Special section on Architecture:

Klutho building renovation in Springfield.

Long article on the architecture of the new Sbank buildings, especially Riverpointe.*

An advertisement has a rendering of 323 Duval St building that I have not seen previously.

* Graphic shows the old rendering of San Marco Place, not the single tower new version. Also it uses the old rendering for St. John's Place/

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The version I am veiwing is in a Abode PDF file.  I don't know of a way to cut and paste from that.  If anyone knows, I'll try it.


If you email me the adobe PDF file, I'll convert it into a jpeg image and get it one the internet.

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