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Ambassador Hotel / 323 Duval St.


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PQH seems to have the downtown market cornered, as far as smaller projects go. I was offered a job there, last year, but I declined because of a better offer and potential at another local firm. Anyway, good luck to them, because they're really doing a great job in the revitalization effort of downtown.

Based on the recently published article concerning 323 Duval, is it safe to assume that these projects (The Ambassador Hotel & 323 Duval) will be completed in 2006 & 2007 or will they start construction at this time.

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I look forward to seeing that part of downtown revitalized. These two projects, along with the courthouse, and that new 30-story building will all be close enough to each other to provide a good urban area.

BTW, has anyone heard any news about that 30-story? It's the one where the developer wasn't asking for incentives.

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