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The Zanti Misfits


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Coober Pedy is an outback town is in the State of South Australia and is built mostly underground. It has a permanent population of over 3,000 with tourists and transients alike adding to the mix.

The Zanti Misfits is the title of one of the original 1960s The Outer Limit episodes about ant-like creatures:



The landscape of Coober Pedy showing the ant burrow-like dwellings under and around the surface:




Moon surface....


Mod-con living:


An underground church (non-demoninational):


A local mud-hut motel including restaurants as part of the swinging night-life ;)


...and why all of this? The lucrative opal mining business:


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I think it would be quite an interesting way to live.

...you're right saying that it must be cool in the extreme heat. Very pragmatic and sensible. It's not like hermits living in a cave as all the mod cons would be @ hand eg. the computer terminal off the living room.

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