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Dallas l Deep Ellum this eve.


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Hey everybody :) These are a couple I took this eve...I'm still learning how to use the cam ( as you'll see ) but I think I got it figured out...so my next batch will be a full length thread, and better quality images..

Looking down Elm St


off Exposition, looking at DeepEllum


Lofts off Elm


Same building


Quick snap from the car...damn my cars dirty :)


Heres where the images suffer...the low light setting was not on...I didn't think it was dark enough yet...wrong. I'll know next time




some extras...this is my street


and this is my building..

but I managed to turn on the feature that blurs the image, so it looks pretty lame...again, I'll learn :)


still learnin', I'm going to spend Sunday out and about. We'll try again..

Cheers ...Justin

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^ thanks :D...DeepEllum is a great place with a great history.

I was rained out (Sunday) before I could shoot DE at length, but I promiss you they're not far away...

For now check out the full length thread(s) of the Downtown area.. some cool facade images you might like.

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