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First Ward Urban Village / North Tryon Vision Plan


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Not much has changed on Brevard, but 11th Street has most of a sidewalk and a newly paved right turn lane. No construction equipment on the site except for one lonely small excavator near the rebar forest.

Come frolic with me in the rebar forest

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Can we get a running list of his incomplete works?

Besides this and all the surrounding bare lots in First Ward there's also the deteriorating Treolar house.

Project at Providence/Fairview.

I'm sure there are others? (Besides the joke about his house on Sharon, which as it's his own house, doesn't matter quite the same as the other projects, imho)

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When I was visiting in Charlotte last December and riding on the Blue Line, I did some double and triple takes when I passed by that property.  I had no clue what it was and I was trying to figure out if it was a project under construction, or something in the process of being demolished.  It looked apocalyptic.  It's a horrible blight in the middle of the city.  I agree with Urban Cowboy's suggestions, or alternatively, can't the city enforce zoning requirements?  In my city, I'm not allowed to just partially construct something then just leave it as.  The city would be coming after me in no time.  At this point, all Levine has constructed is a mess.  Any construction project is a mess until it's completed.  I would think city regulations would require some sort of timeline for completing a project.  If the builder totally neglects that timeline, then the city should assess fines until construction resumes and a new timeline is set and abided by, or the city seizes the property.

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