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First Ward Urban Village / North Tryon Vision Plan


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Is it possible to build just the library now, or is it set in stone that the whole project (office buildings, etc.) will rise at once?   The library doesn’t seem to share any foundation or other structural components with the other proposed buildings.

I think that the library is the most iconic structure in this plan and would like to see it rise now.


I can’t wait to see the beautiful new library standing in the shadow of these majestic towers.



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3 hours ago, Reverie39 said:

How does Levine Properties even stay afloat? How do they even make money? Are they even doing any development work most of the time?

when you have hundreds of millions of dollars and paid off land you can wait and wait.  But there is NO perfect time to develop.  No other city in the Carolinas or southeast has this much vacant land un-used.  

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True - Inlivian blows!!  The thing is for me, I’m glad to finally see some momentum begin to build of actual Construction Activity in the North Tryon / 1st Ward area.  The Ellis finished up 1.5 years ago, Homewood Suites will be wrapping up in the next 6 Months and Inlivian Apartments will be on the rise by then.  If the High Rise Residential Tower proposed at Levine Museum breaks ground in the next 9 to 12 months as well as the Library Redevelopment kicking off (Within in the next Year) then they’ll be continuous development in that section of town which would be some progress.  The 10 N. Tryon Office/Retail would probably start as well with all the surrounding activity (late 2023 to Mid 2024 would be my guess).

Also special mention of the Carolina Theater Renovation (And future Intercontinental Hotel) which may be completed in the next 12 months.  We’ve been spoiled and not used to such slow development in Charlotte but I find this area to be currently more promising so far, than the quiet of 2nd Ward/Brooklyn Village area.  Hopefully they start to break ground there in the next 12 months or sooner.

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7 hours ago, SydneyCarton said:

This may have been answered, but can the library start even if they don’t have an office tenant, or is this whole project going to rise at once?

I think someone mentioned that Truist might be the office tenant.

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I would not count on Truist as I have heard they have passed on a new tower.  

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