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Dallas l Downtown l full length

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Due to number of photos and dynamic images not being allowed,

I figured links would be ok....56k friendly anyway

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AccuRadio Home will take you to classical,

jazz and all other music, but below I give you four of the best channels on the face of the planet.

You like hip hop and or dance...check em out

Ninja Tunes *****

Artists from the NinjaTune record label

Hiptronica *****

Indie hiphop, djs, and electronica.

I Want Da Mic *****

Indie hiphop and old-school rappers

Put The Needle On The Record *****

Turntablism and Electronica stylings

This features a small section of downtown, and a few shots around uptown.

Again, I was cut short by the rain.. still lots to cover ..enjoy

a 1024 x 768 pixel setting is recommended :D

Sunrise from I-45

Around uptown l Ross Ave l Live Oak

Downtown l Lower east sector around Elm and Main

#1 and 3 are from my first parking garage stake out. I hung out for 5-10 min until someone left, slipped thru the gate :D 4 stories worth.

They're we're quite a few others...some poorly focused or to bright..

for what ever reason, they didn't make the cut.

Avail upon request.

Hope you enjoyed

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