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Ann Arbor, MI Neighborhoods

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Welcome back to Michigan's most hilly urban city. I decided to go up into the Huron hills above downtown Ann Arbor and catch some fall colors around a few of the neighborhoods.



Just as you get to the first block of houses out of the downtown, I discovered a new YMCA was going up. What I liked best about this building is that parking will all be on the ground level of the building. NO surface lots.



Old House on Huron St.


Quiet Streets






A shot from City Park. I guess this is what you could call Ann Arbor's "skyline"


Going down Sunset Street. You can see part of the medical campus up on the hills in the distance.


It was random to see the Outback blimp flying over the city on a Monday.


A view of the river standing on the Huron Dam.


Ann Arbor's newest park. And a great place to put it, not downtown on valuable space like some recently proposed "Central Park."


Brand new streets paved of brick next to the old AA Train Station. It is now a popular restaurant among locals. The Amtrak station has long since moved a block down.


More historic houses




A nice old church.



I thought this apartment building was cool.


The back of the U of M Nursing School. Apparently this is the original building. It is two blocks away from where I live, yet I never knew it existed until today.


Nursing School additions


More houses.



Coming soon! Downtown Ann Arbor. I finally made it over to main street to take pictures


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Nice photos! I was in A2 today too...although I stayed in the downtown areas and on central campus. I looked like such a tourist - camera in hand and all. LOL. It was a beautiful day for photos.

Oh, BTW, I got a photo of the Outback Blimp as well.

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Here is an added bonus. It's a shot of the university area from the stadium. Unfortunately, the downtown section is cut out.

The Central Campus's Clock tower is shown in the center.


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